New Ideas for the Design of My Final Show

I have created two plans for the arrangement of my work in preparation for the final show.

The 5 central pieces indicate video projections. My paintings are displayed on both sides and organised in their chronological order of research and production.

I shared the following thoughts and reflections with the group:

‘Having carefully considered many different options, I have made a conscious decision to use a website-like display for my exhibition.

This is to ensure clarity, aesthetics and sophistication of my visual communication without any distractions, additions and unnecessary decorations.
I would like to avoid, at all cost, the form overgrowing the meaning.

I am inspired by the design and organisation of presentation offered by platforms like Instagram and

I would like to present my research project using a white page with a grid of ‘windows’ representing individual paintings and videos. Viewers will be able to click on each individual piece to open it up and view larger details in a pop-up window. My video pieces will play exactly in the same way – when enlarged.’

The more refined thinking is as follows:

‘I have copied an idea into my folder on google drive. All images are of identical heights, and are equally spaced, probably further apart than indicated on my design. Central pieces are video projections, and my paintings are on both sides. They are arranged in the chronological order of creation. Their sequence may be slightly altered.’

Refined version of proposal covers 7 paintings, 5 videos and 5 final images:

This is an earlier version showing some technical glitches and inconsistencies:

Planning and thinking:

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