MNDBAR Workshops

I have been invited by a leading design agency in Dubai called ATÖLYE to take part in 5 prestigious workshops. The aim of this venture is to explore the mind in order to develop new and innovative ideas. I am thrilled to network again with creative individuals from all-over-the-world.

June 1: INTRO TO MNDBARAn introduction to the MNDBAR mind-fitness approach and the ‘Possibilities Mindset’.

June 8: MIND CONNECTA strengthening session to understand how the mind works and how we can connect to clear thinking by setting priorities.

June 15: MIND PRESENCEAn endurance session to practice making space in our thinking for listening, responding, and engaging more effectively.

June 22: MIND SHIFTA flexibility session in which shifting perspectives can lead to new and innovative opportunities.

June 29: MIND ACTIONA mobility session where experimentation and play begin to build ideas into new realities.

MNDBAR sets out to help individuals cultivate their ’Possibilities Mindset’. Through a series of mind-fitness experiences, participants build their capacity for clear thinking & innovative problem solving. As the future accelerates, this mindset is imperative for optimised performance & greater impact in the workplace.

ATÖLYE is a community-powered creative services organisation that brings together a strategic design studio, creative hub, and learning academy in one. With hubs in Istanbul and most recently Dubai, ATÖLYE creates a fertile environment for individuals and organisations, who want to create together, for the better. 

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