Painting 1 Three Haitian Girls in Red

Painting 2 Haitian Girl with Butterflies

Painting 3 Disabled Palenque

Painting 4 Fragile Little Dreams

Painting 5 Dreaming About the Islan Girl

Painting 6 Waiting for A Cocktail Called Pornstar

Painting 7 Punhana

Video 1 Lockdown with The Wheel of Fortune Seller

Video 2 Masquerade

Video 3 Bye Bye Wheel of Fortune Seller

Video 4 Bye Bye Three Monks

Video 5 Three Monks

Video 6 The Bathing of Pearl Twink

Video 7 Dialogue with Pearl Twink

Painting 8 Flower Girl from Batumi

Painting 9 One-Legged Pool Palyer

Painting 10 Thai Masseur

Painting 11 Three Monks Begging

Painting 12 Burmese Captain

Painting 13 Coach To Myiek

Painting 14 Ravens and Crows will Peck us to Pieces

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