Low Res – Seeing Collaboration Project. Day 1

This was a true ice breaking exercise, which allowed to erase boundaries between the online group and London based students.  The other benefits included integration of year 1 and 2 students, and most importantly, the project gave everyone an opportunity to expand their horizons and become much more experimental in the development of ideas and discussions of alternatives.  Ultimately, we all become much more sensitive in terms of our observations of the Universe and the attention to fine details.

Following numerous consultations, my group settled on an in-depth investigation of our current individual practices to make the project very experimental. Our creative intention was to develop a broad range of ideas rather than focus on a visual proposal for finalisation.

This proved to work very well and everyone made a valuable contribution to the dialogue of contradictory perspectives and the element of questioning of visual possibilities and their meaning. This process was supported be appropriate enquiring discussions and evidence of critical analysis.

All collaborative participants presented their research findings at the end of the day. We were the only group to remain open minded and approached the task with a truly experimental attitude; focusing on the reflective process rather than on illustrating the narrative.


A combination of group efforts put together on Padlet.


There are some action shots from the Low Res collaborative day project – Seeing.


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